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Membership role and benefits

Bovey Futures is a membership organisation. Our members play an active part in its activities, supporting and guiding our projects to improve the Bovey, Heathfield and Brimleyto make them great places to live for everyone. Any resident who is aged 16 or over, and any community group in Bovey Tracey parish, can join.

The members can elect Directors and help decide what issues and projects Bovey Futures should focus on.  And membership is free - we have waived the membership fee this year.

All members agree to support our aims and the Co-operative Principles, and take an active part in what we do (for example, coming to general meetings, or becoming involved in one of our groups).

Come and join us to help our neighbourhood grow the way we want.  If you would like to help create:

  • New community-owned facilities on land on Le Molay Littry Way, for the primary school to move into, with a community hall and sports facilities for everyone
  • Affordable homes, including for older people
  • Thriving town centre
  • a plastic free Bovey, Heathfield and Brimley
  • [insert your idea here!]

How to join

We inviting everyone over 16 who lives and works in Bovey Tracey parish to join us.

If you would like to become a member, please join here.


Keen to get involved, but not ready to join yet?  Why not volunteer?

You don't have to join to get involved.  We have lots of groups working on different projects, and would love you to join in.  To find out more, email us at, or leave us a phone message on:  01626 441 044.

We look forward to meeting you!

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